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Why Elliott House

This is what our clients have told us, and this is what we seek to provide:-

1. You need to know how to maximise your wealth

Through improving business profitability and usage of funds to meet your objectives, business and personal.

2. You need meaningful advice

Accounting jargon may impress some people, but simple, practical advice is more useful.

3. You need prompt advice

Next week is not good enough. Everyone at Elliott House is available at all times and we keep you up to date with regular newsletters and items of topical interest.

4. You need someone who understands your business

We may never know your business as well as you do - but we will try! We would rather work with you at your place than sit in our offices although these are always at your disposal.

5. You need value for money

Good advice is never cheap. However, we do not have the overheads of larger multi-national practices so we can provide better value for money.

6. You need statutory compliance

Australian laws for companies, for taxation and other regulatory bodies must be complied with by businesses and individuals. We undertake these roles to satisfy all record maintenance and government filings requirements.

7. You need a pro-active accountant

Much accounting concentrates on historical score-keeping. But it's better to know what might happen. Pro-active involvement is one of the keystones of our business philosophy.

8. You need a business partner

We see our role as a professional business partner. Mutual respect based on good professional advice and clear understanding of each other's responsibilities.