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How We Charge

We establish our fees based on the time we spend working for you. Each hour is broken down into 5 minute units.
You are not charged for short phone calls or where the purpose is to "Keep in touch" or "up to date". This is to promote regular communication. Longer calls and telephone advice is billed based on our usual time costs.

One senior person is totally responsible for your affairs. A second professional is also assigned to you. They will be assisted by others in the team, depending on your needs and the degree of expertise and training required to provide solutions for you but all work is supervised by your Senior Accountant.

Our hourly rates range from $96 per hour for assistants to $400 per hour for Partners.

In most cases we can provide an estimate at the outset of the time and cost to complete your work.

However, with the increasing complexity of taxation law, accounting standards and legal issues; this can only be an estimate.

We detail separately all disbursements made on your behalf.

Our fees are payable within 30 days unless other arrangements have been made.